Jimmy Fix & Newcummer Louane Bourges

Jimmy Fix is one of our regular models here on FrenchDudes.com. Jimmy has a slender build, trimmed pubes, nice ass with an even nicer cock. While Jimmy is versatile, he’s more the “assertive” kind of guy and prefers to be a dominant top. Jimmy also prefers working with younger guys, his age or even better, the younger twink types. Well, we found a young twink named Louane Bourges that is just the kind of guy Jimmy likes. You’ll like how we set this “random” (wink) meeting up. I had Jimmy pull into to a gas station to fuel the car. In the background, you will see Louane Bourges with his color armbands sitting down having a smoke. I mention something about Louane and Jimmy looks over at him and raises his eyebrows liking what he see’s. It doesn’t take much to get Jimmy interested and he starts to walk over and approach young Louane leaving the gas hose in the car :) LOL I think Jimmy REALLY likes what he sees. You can watch the video and get filled in on the rest of the details about the meeting… let’s fast forward to the action!

We go to one of our abandoned houses where we film a lot of our videos and Jimmy leans up against the wall and already has a hard on. Louane doesn’t waste any time dropping his pants and starts sucking Jimmy’s big dick. The cameraman gives us a shot from a distance and seeing Louane’s cute little ass poking out from under his shirt is a major turn on. Who doesn’t like young tender rump roast once in a while? (haha) Louane obviously isn’t new to having sex with a guy watching how he works over Jimmy’s cock. Jimmy wants some of the cute little ass and stands Louane up against the wall and starts to fuck him. It’s a warm day and Jimmy starts sweating so he takes off his shirt and continues plowing Louane’s ass. Then down on the floor and tap that sweet ass doggy style. Both young men sit back in the window and jerk off and Jimmy blows a thick creamy load that shoots out onto the floor and hangs off of his fingers. Louane continues to jerk while the two kiss.

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