Nike TN “Tug & Rub”

If it’s a pair of Nike TN’s that gets your blood pumping in a southerly direction, there’s no better way to enjoy your sneaker fetish than with a buddy that shares your passion. Today on FrenchDudes, Jess Royan (wearing black) and Fab Skets (wearing white) meet up to enjoy a little “Nike Tug & Rub.” The action starts out with Fab pleasuring Jess by rubbing his cock with his sneaker. Jess offers up his Nike TN so Fab can lick and sniff the aroma while he sucks his cock also. Both of these men are nicely endowed as well with trimmed pubes. Fab lays back on the floor now and enjoys Jess rubbing his crotch with his TN. After a little “rub” it’s now time for a little “tug.” Jess hits the floor on his knees and starts licking Fab’s sneakers and sucking his cock. After enjoying themselves and their Nike TN’s, it’s time to bust a nut and Jess bends over holding onto a ladder stroking his cock while Fab plugs his ass with his fat cock. Nice ass there Fab as the cameraman lays on the floor underneath them and gives us a close up of the action. With both men ready to blow, they each take turns jerking off and cum on each others sneakers and rub their cum all over.

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