Playing On the Field Part One

Fabien Footeux is out jogging around the field and has a spectator. Vins is sitting up in the bleachers and doing a bit of “jogging himself” with cock in hand. Fabien comes around and see’s Vins and makes a little “detour” right for Vin. In Part One of “Playing On the Field,” these two men will have you convinced that you’re watching a cock sucking endurance marathon. Fabien and Vins go back and forth kissing, sucking and licking balls from the bleachers to the field and “down on the green.” Vins is one of the most enthusiastic cocksuckers we’ve seen in a very long time. Listen to the sound effects while he’s sucking Fabien’s cock… this guy really enjoys his work. And Fabien is obviously happy to oblige. Between the “bobbing” and the “jogging,” we’re sure you’ll enjoy being a spectator for this one guys!

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