Teen Gay Boy Baraback CloseUp Video

It’s not exactly obvious straightaway as to why Boris Orla is giving Connor Levi a wash-down in the bathtub, but the emergence of a safety razor appears to provide some sort of answer with Orla shaving Levi’s pits in a kinky fest of anti-follicle fury. All promptly followed up by the two youngsters hitting the sofa for some more traditional fun, which in this instance involves them both slurping on each other’s now straining cocks.

Of course, anyone who’s seen Levi before will understand that it’s the young Brit who’s very much the passive partner here – in fact, you can just tell from the glazed look on his face as he feasts on Orla’s oversized ramrod that the only thing on his mind at this point is how much longer he’s going to have to wait until he’s free to ride the thick, meaty shaft with his ass. Indeed, this is a boy who was just born to enjoy dick; and there’s certainly no disguising his relief when all that fervent 69-ing has finally been superseded by some hardcore ass action.

By this point there’s every chance that you’ll be tugging on your own swollen knob in appreciation, but don’t allow your own urgency for relief to spoil your enjoyment of watching too horny, handsome bucks in full rut. Given the athletic passion on display here, however, it’s not at all surprising that it doesn’t take long until both lads are at the point of no return; with Levi in particular giving typically exuberant appreciation of all the resulting spunk! Rarely has the youngster looked hornier – or so fucking hot!

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