Playing On the Field Part Two

As we pick back up where we left off last time, Vins is still going at in Fabien’s cock down on the field. However, Fabien is showing signs of wanting some ass as he plays with Vins continues sucking. Fabien pulls away and moves to the “rear” and does a little sneaker poking. They move off “center field” back by the players bench to start the game. Down on all 4’s goes Vins and Fabien enters the game. Our cameraman moves in behind the action to give us a great shot of Fabien’s cock and the driving force behind it. The cameraman switches angles and we get a full frontal view of the play by play action. Fabien drives Vins down onto his stomach. Then Fabien lays back on the green as Vins straddles his cock. The cameraman gets down on the ground and zooms in on the action from in front of Vins. This is one play that has Vins panting and whimpering as Fabien thrusts his cock upwards deep inside of Vins. Then they move back to the players bench and Vins bends over to brace himself. As both men get close, Fabien sits down on the bench legs spread eagle with Vins between his legs. In seconds, Fabien shoots and scores blowing one hell of a load all down Vins chest and stomach. Time for the game point as Vins then shoots and scores with his own load. Time to hit the showers boys!

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