Teen Gay Boys Public Sex Video

Kamel is a city employee and works in an underground parking garage. He decided to take a break and smoke a cigarette in the car park stairs. As a rule, no one uses the stairs, and feeling like a quickie, he takes out his cock and starts a handjob. Kamel made sure he was quiet about it while jerking off, but young Booby Boy goes down the stairs and catches Kamel by surprise. Kamel is surprised to see someone using the stairs, and even more to see the sexy young Booby. Booby pauses to ask Kamel if he can show him the nearest restroom. Kamel explains that there is not one in the building and must fend for himself.
Booby slips over to corner and starts pissing while Kamel looks on. Kamel sees how effeminate Booby is and figures that he can’t be straight. Kamel is still horny and wants to bust a nut before returning to work. What better way to enjoy than with a sexy young guy. Kamel eases his way over and puts his hand on the young guy’s ass to see his reaction. Booby turns with a slight smile. Just what Kamel was hoping for. Booby plays the offended but when Kamel asked to suck his cock, he quickly kneels down. Booby apparently is doing well and Kamel enjoys the blowjob. But this little slut puppy wants more and he’ll have it! In the ass and very deep.

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