Teen Gay Geeks Gaving Fun ;)

We all know what geeks can be like – taking whatever chance comes their way to read and expand their minds – but it’s definitely expansion of a very different kind that grabs the horned-up attentions of Kurt Maddox and Jaye Elektra as they hook up together in the bedroom to peruse a comic together. Not that the said publication holds their attention for very long, it must be said. Indeed it’s no time at all before the two bespectacled beauties are tossing the rag aside so that they can concentrate on sharing an impassioned kiss, which in turn quickly develops into something far more intimate.

So it is that Elektra is soon feasting on his buddy’s knob, before Maddox returns the favour with equal enthusiasm. Not that either of these lads are set to be content until they’ve banged the other good and proper, however; and it ultimately comes as some relief when Maddox finally plonks himself down on Elektra’s swollen dick-head and rides the beast cowboy-style with characteristic fury.

Not wishing to be outdone, however, the roles are then subsequently reversed when Maddox decides that he’d rather enjoy banging the life out of Elektra’s ass, signalling the start of a second round of prime class fornication that will almost certainly have you jerking your own engorged ramrod for all it’s worth. Be careful not to squirt too soon, however – not least of all because we’re sure you’ll be wanting to savour the sight of Maddox blasting all over his mate’s face. Friendship has never looked so hot!

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