Teen Gay Barebacking Video

We’re not exactly sure why Chase Hunt insists on wearing a head-cap when he swims – he’s got cropped hair after all – but maybe it’s something his mother drilled into him when he was growing up. Fortunately it’s a fashion accessory that quickly gets tossed to one side when the youngster steps out of the pool to hook up with blond fuck-buddy Sven Laarson – a fellow who clearly doesn’t see the point in unnecessary attire given the speed with which he proceeds to slip out of his speedos just a few moments later.

Of course it’s a dangerous – some might say astute – move by Laarson given Hunt’s penchant for dick and it’ll come as no surprise when we tell you that Hunt soon responds by getting his hungry young mouth firmly wrapped around blondie’s swollen bell-end! Does Laarson object? Does he fuck! Instead he lies back on his poolside lounger and savours every tongue-slurping tonsil-chapping moment of the ensuing fellatio; before graciously returning the favour a few minutes later on Hunt’s engorged knob. But what Laarson really wants – and what we want to see! – is a good old-fashioned ass-stretching!

Well there’s no fear of disappointment here that’s for sure as Hunt promptly proceeds to plough into his young mate’s pucker – egged on no doubt by Laarson rimming him just a few moments before. The result is a full-on arse-pummelling coupling that’ll have you pumping in no time at all as both boys go hell-for-leather in the quest for their next legal high! All culminating in Laarson dousing his tightly pent-up wad all over Hunt’s cute face!

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