Hot hung masseur – Arthur Kral & Ivo Thomas

So let’s be honest if Arthur Kral walked into the room you were sitting in and offered you his massaging services would you turn him down No thought not – and neither (unsurprisingly) does Ivo Thomas when the young lad experiences that said turn of events In fact Thomas gives pretty much the kind of response to Kral’s arrival as any red-blooded gay man would give – jumping up onto the massage board with all the eagerness of a doe-eyed pup and allowing the masseur to rub whatever parts of his body take his fancy

In fairness it’s an offer that Kral doesn’t immediate respond to choosing to massage Thomas’s back rather than any erogenous zones But given that Thomas is laid out in just a jockstrap with his pert rounded ass stuck out for all the world to see it’s no surprise that Kral’s professionalism is soon put directly to the test Needless to say any notion of restraint is very quickly pushed aside as Kral makes a bee-line for Thomas’s cock and smothers it in massage-oil It’s a move that signals a green light for both parties to indulge in a full-on session of cock-sucking and ass-rimming – not your everyday massage techniques admittedly but definitely the kind that our horny fans are gonna want to see in close-up detail!

And director John Smith doesn’t let us down; as Kral uses the oil to get his ramrod firmly embedded into his client’s hungry little ass-hole What follows is a simply terrific display of man-on-man fornication with Thomas riding every inch of Kral’s knob in a succession of positions; before both lads spew like a couple of sperm whales then sink sweaty but contended into the spunk-stained sofa!

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