Blond beauty fuck-fest – Mike James & Sven Laarson

You could be forgiven for not recognising young Mike James in this horny little escapade with Sven Laarson given that the lad has grown his hair and dyed it platinum blond All that said however there’s one thing about this guy that doesn’t seem to have changed one iota – namely his love of cock and his seemingly insatiable desire to flaunt himself in front of the camera which on this occasion is taken to a whole new level when taking part in a photo-shoot with his equally hyped-up compatriot!

So don’t fret and think that in some way this STAXUS favourite has gone all mainstream and no longer wishes to act the common slut for an easy wad of cash No James is still very much the wanton extravert we all know and love; and within moments is feasting on his mate’s handsome love-stick for all he’s worth Not that Laarson is in any way playing second fiddle to James here – a point that’s underlined when the pair engage in a very sensuous session of top-to-toe fellatio

But it’s James who’s the first to give in to his desire to experience a hard raw ass-stretching – riding Laarson’s thick meaty ramrod cowboy-style like the true pro we all know him to be Unwilling to miss out on any of the fun however it’s not long before Laarson’s taking every hard inch of his buddy’s shaft in much the same fashion; before both lads take it in turns to jerk each other off emptying their heavy sacs of hot jizz in the process A feat that a whole legion of gay porn fans will no doubt replicate in spunky appreciation of two of the hottest filthiest blonds on film!

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One Response to Blond beauty fuck-fest – Mike James & Sven Laarson

  1. Neil says:

    oh.. that’s too beautiful

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